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How Do You Want To Be Remembered?
Hire a skilled writer who specialises in working with you to write your life story and business success into a special keepsake.
Capture your precious memories and create an everlasting blueprint of your life.

A Bit About Me

A published writer, and a specialised ghostwriter, I help people capture and record their life story as an autobiography or entrepreneurial business success story; over the years, turning what I’m truly passionate about into Writing Your Life


I started my Biography Writing career in 2012 as a volunteer for St Vincent’s Sacred Heart Hospice, helping terminally ill patients (some had cancer, some had dementia) write their autobiography at the end of their life journey; gifting their recorded stories to their families. 

Get in touch today so we can talk about how we can turn your memories and adventures, your business challenges and successes, into recorded history only you can tell. 

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Get Inspired with some of my latest stories
Get Inspired with some of my latest stories

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What people say
The Supernova Tribe

CEO and Founder

Rebecca Tapp

“Mona provided a feel safe space enabling me to open up and share the most intimate details of my personal story. She captured my story in an authentic way that truly respected my journey.”​

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Owner and Managing Director

David Bitton

“Mona was the perfect fit for me to put my story in writing.


She embraced my personality; she understood where I was coming from.” 



Michael Cartwright

“Mona was a pleasure to work with.


Her professional manner, warm personality and prompting line of questions, put me at ease with her instantly.”