Hiring a skilled writer who specialises in working with you to write your life story into a special keepsake, is a worthwhile investment

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recording your entrepreneurial adventure

Be a mentor. Be a business coach. Write about being the leading expert in your industry and inspire and educate others by sharing the impact your business legacy has had. 


of your life

capturing your full life story

A keepsake written in your own words for family, friends and future generations. A great way to capture more than just your family tree...tell your life story.


documentary about your life

A custom made video showcasing the celebration of your life visually   through your own words, and interviews with family and friends. Bring your story to life. 

Writing Your Life develops a customised package based on the number of recorded interviews, transcription, editing & proofreading, photos and final product development suitable to the project.

Skype / Zoom options available.